Who we are?

Fascinated by images, Mauicio Couti, since childhood walked around with a photographic camera by his side.
In the 80's, as a teen, he bought his first analogic camera, a Pentax K1000, now a classic, which later he retired and substituted by the digital ones. With it he completed the following courses:

*Photography 1 and 2 at PUC-rj

A few years later he upgraded to courses in the USA:

*Advanced Photography 1 and 2 at University of San Diego, USD.

Back to Brazil, he consolidates his career as a photographer/actor/director. His passion is to photograph people so he specialized in photographing actors and models both for agencies and advertising companies. But, never forgetting the "common" people that just have the desire to be captured by a professional and his amazing total make over, becoming, for one day, what they always imagined capable of being.

Now, back in the USA, Mauricio and Mateus, his husband, work as a team. Mateus is the make-up artist and also a model. They will do everything to make you feel great about your pictures.

Our Mission:

To provide the best headshot depending on the needs of our clients. If it is actor headshots, make them look the way they would for an audition, if for commercial use, make the shot translate as much of the brand they want to represent as possible, if fashion is their target, beauty and edgy shots can definitely impress.  We have very clear knowledge of the specific types of headshots and what we can help you achieve your perfect shot.

What we provide:

You can do from 1 to 4 outfits, we provide all copies in high resolution and web size from the shoot. We will retouch from 1 to 4 pictures, depending on the package you choose. Prices and packages are in the book now session of this site. We have the option of make up also. Here are some glamour/fashion shot make over examples.





Our work on the Brazilian TV. We love to do these makeovers! For ENGLISH CAPTIONS press the wheel button on the bottom right side of the video, after play, and choose subtitles in English.

Closed Captions in english, press the wheel button on the right bottom of the video for configurations.